Are you ready for the protein transformation?

The Future Proteins Conference

The event concept

The three-day event promises to be a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight from esteemed keynote speakers from the field, to network with experts and your peers, and to experience first-hand a wide range of state-of-the-art, sustainable processing and packaging solutions.
February 01-02, 2023
February 03, 2023
CONFERENCE Gain state-of-the-art knowledge from keynote speakers and industry experts.

APPLICATION DEEP DIVES Experience fascinating on-site machine demos and more.

NETWORKING & EXHIBITION Enrich your market understanding and establish valuable contacts.

MEET THE EXPERTS One-on-ones with the experts and guided tours at the Conference hosts’ sites – MULTIVAC and Handtmann.


Many questions need to be asked before entering this high-growth future market. What role will plant-based, fermentation and cultivated protein options play in the future? How do I establish myself successfully in the market? And how can I best achieve sustainability in terms of products, processes and packaging? These and many other questions will be answered by scientists and industry experts.


from research and industry pioneers on the current state of knowledge and future developments in the fast-growing field of alternative proteins.


the many opportunities alternative proteins can offer you. Find out how your alternative protein products can be processed and packaged sustainably and efficiently.


in the Conference Exhibition and join the many exhibitors who will be showcasing innovative future protein foods, as well as processing and packaging solutions.



real machine and line solutions from globally successful manufacturers focusing on all aspects of state-of-the-art processing and packaging – from stand-alone machines all the way through to fully automated industrial line solutions. First-hand and live!


with industry experts and your peers while establishing valuable contacts that will broaden your knowledge and enrich your market understanding.


in one-on-one meetings with the experts and clarify all your questions relating to processing and packaging.